You can meet a big-time celebrity in Minnesota next week and it's going to be absolute chaos. The one and only Jason Momoa is going to be in Minnesota and you can meet him!

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Why is Jason Momoa in Minnesota?

So why is he going to be in town? He has a new vodka that he's created with Blaine Halverson called Meili Vodka. He's going on a 'tour' around the midwest with Blaine to show off the vodka and sign some bottles. How cool is that!

Jason Momoa's Vodka

It's pronounced MAY-lee and on their website, here's what they have to say about the vodka:

Designed to be enjoyed neat, Meili exhibits a bright, smooth, and effortless flavor profile. The quality of our ingredients can be immediately noted and appreciated across all palettes, raising the bar for what's possible within a Vodka.

You can find Meili all around Minnesota at different liquor stores. In Rochester, you can get yourself a bottle at Andy's Liquor on South Broadway, Wellner Dr. NE, and 55th St. NW. It's also available at Apollo Liquors on Maine Ave. SE, Cub Liquor in Rochester, and Hyvee Wine and Spirits on 6th St. NW.

Also, it's much cheaper than I expected. I found it on Total Wine's website for $20.99.

Total Wine and More
Total Wine and More

Meili Vodka Tour

It's not terribly surprising that the tour is only happening in the Midwest, at least for now. Jason Momoa was raised in Norwalk, Iowa so guess where he's starting his vodka tour? In Norwalk at Fareway on Sunset Dr.

The tour kicks off there on Monday, October 16th. They have two locations they're visiting in Iowa, the other stop is in Urbandale at Hyvee on Douglas Ave. Then they move on to three locations in Missouri, two in Wisconsin (New Berlin's Costco and Brookfield's Total Wine), and then it's on to Minnesota!

Jason and Blaine's first stop in Minnesota is at the Total Wine on Wayzata Blvd. in Minnetonka. They'll be there from 11 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, October 20th. Then they move on to their second and final stop at Costco in St. Louis Park. They'll be there on the same day from 1:30 - 3 PM.

The event is free and a first come first serve situation. So when they run out of bottles to sign, that's it. You also need to be 21+ in order to attend the event.

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