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Target has announced a major policy change right before the busy holiday shopping season that will affect how customers check out and pay for their products.

The Minnesota-based retail giant says the goal is to shorten wait times and improve the shopper's in-store experience. Rival Walmart is also tinkering with self-checkout but for a completely different reason, read more below.

Self-Checkout Complaints

Two-thirds of shoppers surveyed by Raydiant say they've had issues with self-checkout machines in the last year. I think I've experienced every issue possible.

It is very frustrating when a machine designed to improve efficiency does the opposite.

Target is testing a new policy in some of its stores that will change how you pay for the items in your cart.

The company says the rule change is to improve your experience by speeding up the check-out process.

Minnesota-Based Target Makes MAJOR Change to Self-Checkout

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Have you ever gotten stuck behind someone with a cart full of items? At a store like Target that happens all of the time and can lead to long lines of impatient customers.

Target has noticed and wants to prevent those backups. According to CNN, Target is making self-checkout available to customers buying 10 items or fewer at select stores.

Target customers with more than 10 items will have to do it the old-fashioned way and find a cashier. It's unclear if or when this policy will be implemented in all Target stores or if the company plans to hire more cashiers. In my Target store, there are usually only 3 or 4 cashiers on duty, which isn't enough when the store gets busy.

Is The Walmart Self-Checkout Disappearing

Gallery Credit: Dave Roberts

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