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Drive around any neighborhood and you’ll see houses decorated for Halloween. We have giant spiders crawling on the side of our house and ghosts hanging from the tree in our front yard. Our setup is nice, but it’s nothing compared to what some do.

A Minnesota man named Mike has a Facebook page dedicated to his over the top decorations.

He’s been perfecting it for 11-years now and says his display features tens of thousands of lights, music, and other decorations. With each passing year, the display gets bigger and better: “It took about seven years to get it where it's at now."

Holiday Lights of Woodbury

attachment-Screenshot 2023-10-26 094231

Mike told me it takes about 45 hours every year to design and set up the holiday light show and over the years he's developed a strategy that is really smart.

He said, “Everything that's up for Halloween, stays up for Christmas." Doing it this way allows him to set up the display in late September and early October when the weather is still nice.

He says his home is somewhat off the beaten path but more and more people come each year to see the show.

All of the lights are synched to various songs including 'Monster Mash" "Thriller" and "Ghostbusters" and the faces above the garage are programmed to look like they're singing along.

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If you're in the Twin Cities area you can find this elaborate display at 8846 Glacier RD in  Woodbury and you can watch videos that show the lights in action here. 

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