So far this summer has been very wet throughout Minnesota. We all want to spend some time outside when we can so checking the forecast is a daily thing so we can make plans accordingly.

But then when you get one nice day, you make plans to have a bonfire or go to the beach, you get there and get eaten alive by all of the mosquitos!

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Mosquitos thrive in wet environments so it makes sense that they would be out in hordes with all of the rain we've been getting. But what if you could predict how bad the mosquitos are going to be so you could properly prepare some citronella candles?

Mosquito on Hand
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Introducing the Mosquito Forecast

There's a new tool that came out recently for all of us who like to plan outdoor activities: the Mosquito Forecast! This tool won't predict the weather, it'll predict how bad the mosquitos will be on a particular day.

Off!Cast Mosquito Forecast
Off!Cast Mosquito Forecast
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That's so handy! That means, the next time you're going to, let's say, have people over for a bonfire, you can check the mosquito forecast to see if you need to go buy some tiki torches.


This was put together by the bug spray brand Off!. All you need to do is put in your location and it'll give you their 7-day forecast for mosquitos.

The predictions could be low mosquito risk, medium, high, very high, and severe. I hope we never hit the 'severe' level...

The mosquito forecast tool can be found on Off!'s website and also via The Weather Channel.

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