With St. Patrick's Day falling on a Sunday this year, many folks are still trying to figure out their plans. Are people hitting the town on Saturday night? Are people drinking on Sunday and dealing with a potential hangover to start the week on Monday?

The Rochester Caledonia Pipe Band has announced the day they will be going out for their annual Parade of Pubs. If you want to party with the pipers, you can find the details of their stops below.

Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

National Geographic explains that the day marks the remembrance of Saint Patrick and the introduction of Christianity to Ireland. It started as a religious holiday but has morphed into a celebration of Irish Culture.

What Is The Rochester Caledonia Pipe Band?


The Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band is a group of local pipers who love making music together and getting involved in community events. You'll see (and hear) them at parades, funerals, weddings, telethons, and piping competitions.

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Their mission is to share the rich tradition and culture of Highland Bagpipe music with the residents of Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota.

When And Where Are The Bagpipers Playing in Rochester?

St. Patrick's Day is Sunday and the Bagpipers will be making numerous stops to entertain and celebrate. See the full schedule for the Parade of Pubs below.

Refreshing Cold Craft Beer Assortment of IPA Lager and Stout

11:30 AM VFW
12:15 PM Beetles
1:00 PM Pappy’s
1:45 PM Wildwood
2:30 PM Forager
3:15 PM Charlies Pub and Eatery
4:00 PM Whistle Binkies (N)
6:00 PM Five West
6:45 PM Workshop
7:30 PM Eagles Club
8:15 PM American Legion
9:00 PM Whistle Binkies (S)

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