I would have loved to be a judge at this competition. Although, I'm sure I'm definitely not qualified. A few days ago, Italy hosted the International Chocolate Awards where the best of the best from around the world presented their works. A Minnesota chocolate shop was able to go and they two home not one, but two awards!

But they did just sign up to go, they had to first win the American division of the competition to be invited.

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In Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota there's a chocolate shop called St. Croix Chocolate Company. I've never had their chocolates but they LOOK amazing so I'm sure they taste incredible.

St. Croix Chocolate Co., Facebook
St. Croix Chocolate Co., Facebook

Earlier this year they competed in the International Chocolate Awards American division. They ended up winning three awards: a Gold for their Macadamia Bonbons, Silver for their Burnt Cinnamon and Bourbon Bar, and Best in Class for the filling on the Macadamia Bon Bons.

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That Best in Class award got them an invite to the World Finals of the competition in Italy!

So just a few days ago they were in Italy for the competition. It took place on Sunday, November 26th.

Once again, they competed with their Macadamia Bonbons and Burnt Cinnamon and Bourbon Bar. And they took home two awards again!

First, they took home Bronze for the Macadamia Bonbons.

And then they took home Silver for their Burnt Cinnamon and Bourbon Bar.

What an amazing honor at such a high level of competition. Pictured below are the representatives for St. Crois Chocolate Company. On the left is Fox, who used to work with them until he moved to Germany recently, and on the right is Cathy, a mom of two of their former employees and their current beekeeper.

So the next time you're in the Marine on St. Croix area, make sure to pay them a visit and try some of their amazing chocolates.

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