This week has been quite the jackpot bonanza for Minnesotans. Two residents won $50,000 and another person won $1 million on Monday's Powerball drawing. And today, we've learned about a woman who hit it big at a Minnesota casino.

I can't imagine how excited I would be to win a mountain of cash. I'd love the financial freedom that comes with being debt-free, splurge on the things I've always wanted, and plan extravagant vacations.

What would you do if you won a big jackpot?

Now and then, we touch upon this subject on our radio show, especially when the Powerball jackpot climbs to remarkable heights. Most people claim they would handle their winnings responsibly—clearing debts before indulging in fancy vacations or shopping sprees.

According to a survey by GoBankingRates, most Americans say paying off their debts is the first thing they'd do if they won a big lottery jackpot. Other popular responses included sharing the winnings with family and investing for the future.

 Major Win at Minnesota Casino


Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, Minnesota has nearly 2,000 slot machines and a bunch of other gaming options like table games, poker rooms, video poker, and keno.

TI's most recent major winner wasn't playing those conventional games. Instead, she won big money by accurately predicting the Final 4.

The casino has just made the announcement public, sharing it on their social media pages for all to see.

March Madness = Major Money For Minnesota Woman

Chung Sung Jun
Chung Sung Jun

Treasure Island shared the good news on social media.

 "Congratulations to Sydney on winning $64,000!" 

The casino says, "She was the only person out of 3,593 participants to correctly predict the last four teams standing in the men’s college basketball tournament!"

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