We seldom find ourselves missing winter, but this spring has kicked off on a sour note. While we enjoyed warmer temperatures and little snow during the winter months, the beginning of spring seems to be delivering the opposite – colder weather and snow.

The National Weather Service has just updated their prediction for the storm that is moving through Minnesota and Wisconsin Tuesday night and they say some parts of the region could get as much as 11 inches. Read the latest below.

Updated Snow Projections For Minnesota and Wisconsin

This winter has been quite mild, with above-average temperatures and scarce snowfall, largely due to the impact of a strong El Niño. Hopefully, you haven't made the same error as me and packed away your snowblower prematurely.

The National Weather Service is warning about potentially hazardous travel conditions as the storm passes through the region.

Wet, dense snow accompanied by strong winds will lead to slippery roads and reduced visibility. Be careful if you're traveling.

How Much Snow Will Minnesota Get?

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This storm is expected to affect the southeast corner of the state, bringing 1-3 inches of snow to Rochester and 2-4 inches to towns nearer to the Wisconsin border such as Winona and Wabasha.

A Lot More Snow Is Expected In Wisconsin

Grzegorz Kieca
Grzegorz Kieca

Parts of Wisconsin are going to see a lot of snow. In the La Crosse area, there could be 3-6 inches, and it's likely to increase as you head east.

Tomah and Madison might get 6-10 inches, while the Wisconsin Dells area could end up with 7-11 inches of snow.


The heaviest snow is expected to fall between 6:00 pm Tuesday and 6:00 am Wednesday. Plan accordingly and allow yourself extra time for your Wednesday morning commute.

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