When you walk into most sports bars, a majority of the time it's men's sports playing on the TVs. So what about the people who are fans of women's sports? Where are they supposed to go? A new Minnesota sports bar has the answer!

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This new sports bar is dedicated to showing only women's sports all the time.

Batter Hitting Softball

What a great concept! There are plenty of sports fans out there who want to be able to watch their favorite women's team at a bar. Now, there will be a place in Minnesota for just that.

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A Bar of Their Own - Minneapolis, MN

It's called A Bar of Their Own which I seriously love. If you don't get the reference, there's a movie called 'A League of Their Own' about the women who play pro baseball during World War II.

The story of A Bar of Their Own begins last year, in 2023. Some friends wanted to go out to watch the Minnesota Gophers softball team play in the national tournament. Well, when they got to the bar there were 20+ TVs and they were all showing reruns of football games or a bags tournament.

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How weird that they weren't playing the national tournament that one of our home teams was in. And that's when the idea of A Bar of Their Own took shape.

What if fans of women’s sports had a place to come together and cheer loudly for their favorite team on the biggest screen in the bar…with the sound on?

What if those same fans had a wide variety of food and beverage options, including a robust menu accommodating different dietary needs with a killer craft beer selection and tasty mocktails?

A Bar of Their Own, Facebook
A Bar of Their Own, Facebook

Minnesota's First Sports Bar Dedicated to Women's Sports

A Bar of Their Own will be Minnesota's first sports bar dedicated solely to women's sports.

And they just recently announced their grand opening!

This Friday, March 1st is opening day. They'll be open Friday noon - 11 PM, Saturday the 2nd 11 AM - 11 PM, and Sunday the 3rd 11 AM - 11 PM. They're located in Minneapolis on Franklin Ave. E.

They're busy getting ready and getting beers on tap.

Their typical hours after this weekend will be Wednesday - Sunday 11 AM - 11 PM.

I'm so excited to check this place out and support such an amazing idea!

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