Now that lent is officially here, the ever popular question has surfaced on Facebook: "Who has the best fish fry in area?" Well, I have awesome news. First of all, there are a ton of great options. Secondly, I've done the research to narrow down the top picks.

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Is there anything better than all you can eat deep fried fish with a bucket of tartar sauce, a side of fries, and endless trips to the salad bar?! Get! In! My! Belly! I'm super grateful to see that there are several places that offer broiled or baked options now too, since I've sadly had to part ways with gluten. :( I'll live vicariously through you as you enjoy all the battered stuff and I'll be extremely jealous the entire time.

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This was tough research, not going to lie. Not because it was challenging to find fantastic places, but because my mouth was legit watering while looking at all these photos of the yummy fish. Each and every one of these places look ah-may-zing!

Here are the top places to indulge this Friday and for the next six Fridays at least (some offer their fish fry year-round). These favorite spots are in no particular order.

These are the Best Fish Fries in Southern Minnesota

Looking for a stellar fish fry in the Rochester area? These come highly recommended by people in our community.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

Did we miss one of your faves? Let us know!

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