Earlier this week, I joined the many people that were frustrated to lose another good local garbage company. I wrote an article about the big news: Waste Management to Buyout Hometown Haulers. 

Now, I'm back to help answer the next big question - what other local company can we switch to? This question has been plastered all over Facebook for the past few days, so I did some thorough research and put together a list of other local companies.

Phone number: 507-268-5349

My office building crew got quotes from Aspen. They pick up trash weekly and recycling bi-weekly. I'm unsure if commercial is more or less expensive than a residential pickup, but our quote is $40.54/monthly for 95 gallons. That ends up being just shy of $122 quarterly.

We are your neighbors, your hometown haulers, dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly waste collection services across Olmsted County - Aspen

Phone Number: 507-910-8053

Harter's has hands down been recommended more than any other company on Facebook. When I talked with the Harter's crew, they said with all taxes included, it comes out to approximately $35.35/month or just over $106 quarterly for 95-gallon bins. That's for homes inside Rochester city limits. One thing I really liked about Harter's is they pick up recycling every week.

With more than 50 years experience in the waste disposal industry, Harter’s has established a reputation as a “customer first company”.  We take pride in providing outstanding customer service at an affordable price! - Harter's

Phone 1: 507-528-9900
Phone 2: 507-214-8727

They have a new customer special right now where you can get 6 months for the price of 4. Unfortunately, Skjeveland doesn't service Rochester, but if you are in Kasson and other Dodge County cities, you are in luck. I wasn't able to get a quote from them. They posted to their page that they are getting an overwhelming amount of calls at the moment. They ask that you leave a message for them and they'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Skjeveland Enterprises Sanitation and Recycling Services offers the highest quality garbage removal and trash pick up services! We offer commercial, residential, construction, and industrial trash removal and recycling pick up in Claremont, MN, and surrounding areas in Steele and Dodge Counties. - Skjeveland

Phone Number: 507-281-5850

The overall customer opinions of LRS seem good and people seem satisfied with their services. Their Area GM sent us an email and said the Rochester area pricing is $114.09 per quarter for 96-gallon bins with bi-weekly recycling pickup. It didn't give me the option to pay monthly online.

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I did notice some people commenting on how much they were paying for LRS. People who have been with them since the buyout of Sunshine Sanitation are paying around $45/month, so around $135 quarterly.

With a team of dedicated professionals, a proven commitment to sustainability, and an unmatched level of expertise, LRS has created the blueprint for waste collection done differently. - LRS

By the way, pricing may vary for certain areas. I live on the outskirts of Rochester and the pricing was a little higher for me with at least two of these companies.

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