Minnesota has always been home to some incredible craft breweries that brew some amazing craft beers. And now we know just which beers are the best this year.

One of the things I've always loved about Minnesota is how on-fire the craft beer scene is. Now, keep in mind that even though I've been a fully naturalized Minnesotan now for over 12  years, I'm still a native Wisconsinsite-- where loving a good beer is pretty much ingrained in your DNA.

So, seeing the expansion of local craft breweries here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has been so impressive. My wife and I have planned many day trips across the Bold North to visit new craft breweries and try new brews. And there are a lot to choose from, too. According to MNCraftBeer, there are currently 211 craft beer breweries and taprooms operating in the North Star State!

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Representing many of those breweries is the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. It's a not-for-profit organization that 'showcases the talent of Minnesota’s craft brewers and promotes Minnesota’s brewing industry,' their site says. And they just hosted their annual MN Brewers Cup, a state-wide, blind taste-test competition for Minnesota breweries and brewpubs.

A release said over 90 breweries submitted nearly 450 entries into this year's competition. Brews were judged in 23 categories, and were scored based on quality and adherence to BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) style standards. Winners were unveiled at a special awards ceremony on March 22, 2024, in Minneapolis.

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Awards were given to the top three beers in 23 separate categories, covering everything from IPAs to Ales, Sours to Stouts, American Amber Ales to English Brown Ales, German Ales to Czech Lagers,  Porters, and just about every other kind of beer. (You can check the complete list-- it's pretty long-- HERE)

Overall, though here are the Best in Show winners awarded at the 2024 MN Brewers Cup:

Best in Show

1st Place: Surly Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Axe Man IPA
2nd Place: Arbeiter Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Tokki
3rd Place: Summit Brewing Company, St. Paul, Sága Imperial IPA

I concur! I really like both Surly's Axe Man, and Summit's Sága Imperial IPA, so congrats! I've not tried Tokki from Arbeiter Brewing, but other beers I've tried there are also great, so congrats as well. And a shout-out to ALL the incredible Minnesota craft breweries, whether they won an award this year or not-- thanks for all you do!

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