It's been a familiar beverage here in Minnesota, but Kwik Trip just said it's going to stop selling it later this spring.

Kwik Trip is one of the most popular convenience stores in the upper Midwest these days. The familiar chain has its corporate headquarters over in La Crosse, Wisconsin and owns over 850 separate Kwik Trip convenience stores in WisconsinMinnesota, and Michigan, as well as stores known as Kwik Star in states like Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.

The massive chain employs over 35,000 people, as well, and has its own bakery, kitchens, dairy, distribution, and transportation divisions. These allow Kwik Trip to produce much of the food items it serves, which are delivered to each local Kwik Trip store every day.

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So when Kwik Trip announces that it's making a change to one of the products it sells, it's big news. Especially when it's a popular beverage, like milk. Okay, Kwik Trip WILL still be selling milk, of course. They just won't be selling it in bags anymore, starting later this spring.

Fox 6/Milwaukee via YouTube
Fox 6/Milwaukee via YouTube
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This Northern News Now story quoted Kwik Trip's CEO, Scott Zietlow, who explained why they're making the change:

“We constantly evaluate our product offerings to ensure we’re meeting the needs and preferences of our guests,” Zietlow said. “After thorough consideration and analysis, we have decided to discontinue bagged milk to focus on items that resonate more strongly with our guests.”

Northern News Now noted that Kwik Trip had been selling its Nature's Touch brand of milk in bags for nearly 40 years, but has recently noticed a marked decline in sales compared to sales of milk sold in the familiar plastic gallon-size jugs. So beginning in May of this year, it'll stop selling those jiggly bags full of milk.

Many Minnesotans might be surprised to find that Kwik Trip sold milk in bags at all, just like this journalist from Fox 6-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin-- which is America's Dairyland, mind your--  who admitted that he didn't even know that bagged milk was a thing:

And while bagged milk will be soon going away at Kwik Trips across the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Nature's Touch brand will still be around, just in different containers. Which is the opposite of the following beloved chains which have gone out of business and aren't around at all. Keep scrolling to see how many you remember!

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