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Cracking open a can or bottle of this Minnesota beer can help quench your thirst-- and help to restore pine forests here in Minnesota as well.

I've been a big fan of Minnesota's incredible craft beer industry and all the great local breweries across our state for years now. One of the favorite things my wife and I like to do is to hit up a local craft brewery and try a couple of the handcrafted beers each brewery creates-- and there are a lot of them to try!

While trying all those various beers is fun, it's even better when one of the beers you really like also serves a higher purpose. And that's exactly what Castle Danger Brewery has done with their White Pine Project IPA.

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Castle Danger Brewery, btw, is located in Two Harbors, just north of Duluth along Minnesota's scenic north shore of Lake Superior, about 4 hours from Rochester. And their White Pine Project IPA is helping to keep Minnesota's native pine forests healthy.

How does beer help out a forest? Well, ever since Castle Danger introduced their White Pine Project IPA, they've been donating a portion of the profits from the beer directly to purchasing and planting pine seedlings that help restore native white pine forests along the North Shore.

And the beer itself is reminiscent of pines, too, with "...aromas of bright citrus, tropical fruit, and pine with just enough bitterness to keep it balanced. The mellow golden malt character and effervescence carry the towering hop flavors as high as a stately white pine," Castle Danger said.

I've been a fan of this beer since I first tried it a few years ago. The good news is that while it was first introduced as a limited, seasonal release, Castle Danger started brewing it year-round back in 2021. It's now available at many establishments and liquor stores across the state, including here in southeast Minnesota.

Like I said, there are a TON of really good craft beers being brewed by some amazing breweries here in Minnesota. Keep scrolling to take a look at some other Minnesota beers I've tried-- and really like. (And, yeah, one might look a little familiar...)

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