I discovered the most adorable tiny home on some amazing land up in Northern Minnesota on Airbnb. I put together an article about it earlier this week, because it's a drool-worthy property (keep scrolling to see the pictures of it - you can thank me later). That house led me down a rabbit hole of researching tiny homes.


Aaahhh, doesn't that just look so peaceful and cozy?! I've always been intrigued by tiny living. If it weren't for my massive wardrobe and the numerous dogs I currently have, I think I'd already be thriving in a tiny home.

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Anywho, from my tiny home rabbit hole, I found an awesome article talking about the best states for tiny house living. Not going to lie, I didn't expect Minnesota to be so high on the list.

Before I even opened the article, I started guessing where would be the best - Colorado, California, ooooh, Hawaii? Nope, nope, and nope. All of my guesses were actually considered some of the worst places for tiny homes.


The list was put together by LawnStarter. They compared all 50 states on the ease of constructing a tiny home, the suitability of building in an urban setting based on average yard acreages, and in a remote environment based on off-grid lifestyle-friendliness.

The best state to build a tiny home is.... drum roll please.. Vermont! Next up on the list, Kentucky. Followed by Arkansas and Maine. And, rounding out the top 5 is our home state - the land of 10,000 lakes! Any of which would be a great spot to park a tiny home, I'm guessing. ;)

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Fun facts from the study: The average yard is about 0.39 acres in Minnesota. We ranked 4th for off-grid lifestyle. Pretty low when it came to the urban lifestyle rank (#21). All in all though, Minnesota is a solid place to make those tiny home dreams a reality. Who's with me?

In case you were wondering, Wisconsin and Iowa were actually two of the worst states for tiny home living. You can see the entire list by clicking here.

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