Nearly half of Minnesotans say they're currently single, which is good news because one of the best cities for singles is now right here in Minnesota.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 117.6 million unmarried Americans currently live in the U.S.-- nearly every other adult aged 18 and over. This includes those who are divorced or widowed as well as those who have never married.

Here in Minnesota, those numbers are similar. The Statistical Atlas says that 49 percent of women in the Land of 10,000 Lakes are single, while 47 percent of men in the Bold North report that they're single as well.

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So which cities in the U.S. are the best for singles? That's the question a new survey from Ownerly set out to answer. And one Minnesota city has just been named one of the best cities for singles in the country.

To find out which cities really are best for singles, Ownerly said it looked at several factors: growth of the single population, income changes, housing affordability, availability of social venues, and the median age of residents, the survey said.

Because most bigger cities (like Minneapolis, Paul, Rochester and Duluth) tend to dominate these studies, Ownerly said this survey only looked at counties with at least one urban cluster of 10,000 people but less than a population of 50,000.

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And one Minnesota city placed second on their list: Albertville, Minnesota, located about 30 miles northwest of the Twin Cities along I-94. Albertville is a 'micropolitan city notable for its economic vitality, strong job market, and alluring suburban lifestyle,' the survey noted. Which makes sense, seeing as Albertville's motto is 'Small town living. Big city life.'

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Here's more of what the Ownerly survey said about Albertville:

Albertville, a Minnesota gem housing approximately 8,000 residents, brandishes a striking single population growth of 26.36% year over year. Here, tranquility paired with growth opportunities is a magnet for singles. A mere 0.84% unemployment rate, showcasing robust economic vitality, adds another feather to its cap.

The survey went on to say that Albertville's close proximity to the Twin Cities metro area also helps make it more attractive to single people, 'allowing residents access to a wide variety of cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities without compromising on the suburban ethos,' the survey said. Check out the full list below:


  1. Swannanoa, NC
  2. Albertville, MN
  3. Grandview Heights, OH
  4. Grantsville, UT
  5. Waterville, OH
  6. White Hall, AR
  7. Sunbury, OH
  8. Chesterton, IN
  9. Otis Orchards-East Farms, WA
  10. Moncks Corner, SC

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