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You won't believe the amazing amount of products like coffee, donuts, milk and chicken tenders that Kwik Trip sold in 2023!

Kwik Trip is one of the most popular convenience stores in the upper Midwest these days. The familiar chain has its corporate headquarters over in La Crosse, Wisconsin and owns over 850 separate Kwik Trip convenience stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, as well as stores known as Kwik Star in states like Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.

The massive chain employs over 35,000 people, as well, and has its own bakery, kitchens, dairy, distribution and transportation divisions. These allow Kwik Trip to produce much of the food items it serves, which are delivered to each local Kwik Trip store every day.

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While Kwip Trip is huge now, it started back in 1965 with one original convenience store up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It added a second location in La Crosse, Wisconsin six years later, in 1971. Their corporate headquarters in La Crosse opened in 1973. And from there, the chain kept growing... and growing... and growing.

In fact, in a post on their Facebook page, Kwik Trip says built 26 new convenience stores in 2023 alone. So with massive numbers like that, you might think that in addition to gallons of gasoline, Kwik Trip also sells a lot of coffee, Glazers donuts, and chicken tenders. And, as it turns out, you're right.

Kwik Trip recently posted the amount of each of those items the chain sold across all of its 850 convenience stores in 2023. And, yeah, it's a LOT. Starting with the amount of visitors Kwik Trip served last year-- that number is nearly 560...MILLION!

And the number of other familiar cups of Karuba coffee, Glazers donuts, gallons of milk, and chicken tenders is equally as large! Check it out:


  • Number of guests served: 559,913,741
  • Number of coffees sold: 46,365,322
  • Number of Glazer donuts sold: 38,099,636
  • Number of chicken tenders sold: 26,821,499
  • Number of gallons of milk sold: 25,043,229
Kwik Trip/Facebook
Kwik Trip/Facebook

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