Summer may have just started, but did you know the days are already getting shorter here in Minnesota?

We're lucky living here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes in that we get to experience all four seasons every year, right? And while there are favorite elements of every season, the arrival of summer seems to always be celebrated here in the Bold North.

According to USA Today, summer in Minnesota officially begins at 3:50 pm CDST on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, the exact date and time of this year's summer solstice. That means that's the exact moment the sun has gotten as high in the sky as it’s going to get for the year, Time magazine said. 

Sunrise over downtown Rochester, Minnesota. (Curt St John/TSM-Rochester)
Sunrise over downtown Rochester, Minnesota. (Curt St John/TSM-Rochester)

And, in case you're curious, this year's summer solstice is actually the earliest that event has occurred in our lifetimes. In fact, USA Today says you have to go all the way back to June 20, 1796, to find the last time the official start of summer has happened this early. (BTW, back then, George Washington was president and the U.S. had only 16 states!)

But with the official arrival of summer, it also means the days are now also starting to get shorter here in the North Star State. Well, not ON June 20th, but starting on June 21st, they will. Wait, what?!? It's true, although we likely won't notice much difference for several weeks. But, yes, starting on June 21, the amount of sunlight starts to decrease gradually and will keep decreasing until the winter solstice occurs on December 20th.

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Date and Time noted that sunrise occurred at 5:26 am on the summer solstice with the sun setting officially at 8:56 pm, meaning it's the longest day of the year with a whopping 6 hours and 24 minutes of more daylight than during the winter solstice in December. However, starting on June 21, the sunset decreases by one minute, occurring then at 5:27 am. And it keeps getting shorter from there.

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The good news, though, is that our sunsets will continue to happen at nearly 9 pm here in the Bold North throughout June and early July before it starts to set earlier and earlier. So enjoy summer-- while it lasts-- here in Minnesota. Because we all know what's on the way after that!

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