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While Valentine's Day was likely meaningful for many residents of Minnesota, these Minnesotans no doubt had the best Valentine's Day ever.

Maybe you got engaged this Valentine's Day. (This wedding site says it's one of the top ten days of the year for engagements.) That's a pretty good Valentine. But employees of Delta Air Lines likely got the BEST Valentine this year.

That's if you call splitting $124 million dollars 'pretty good.' And, I don't know about you, but I sure do! That $124 million was the amount of money Delta Air Lines gave back to its employees here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes on Valentine's Day, as a part of its profit-sharing plan.

Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines

Delta said all of its employees, not just here in Minnesota, but across the country and around the world, are all receiving a check for 10.4 percent of their eligible earnings. To put that in perspective, that's the equivalent of more than one month’s pay that all employees get to enjoy, Delta noted.

A release from Delta said this year's payout marks a milestone for Delta’s profit-sharing program, and brings the total paid out to employees since the program's inception in 2007 to $11 billion. Delta said its profit-sharing plan continues to lead the industry, with this year’s total greater than the pool of all other U.S. airlines combined.

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Things are apparently going pretty well for the largest airline here in Minnesota. (Delta, of course, is headquartered in Atlanta but operates one of its biggest hubs at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.) This profit-sharing news comes shortly after Delta was just named the best airline in the country for the second time in three years in the Wall Street Journal's latest survey.

Delta merged with Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines back in 2008. Northwest was one of those brands that was once huge here in Minnesota (kind of like Dayton's also was) but that now no longer exists. Which is the same for many of the following famous brands. Keep scrolling to see how many YOU remember!

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