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If you're looking for a new job here in the new year, these two state jobs are open right now in Minnesota, and they both pay over $200,000 a year!

The state of Minnesota employs a lot of people

The state of Minnesota is the largest employer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, with over 50,000 employees on the payroll hard at work in more than 100 state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges, and universities across the state.

The benefits of working for the state of Minnesota are pretty sweet, too. The state's website describes them like this: Our exceptional benefits balance four key elements that make life and work meaningful: health and wellness, financial well-being, professional development, and work/life balance. These benefits, along with your salary, make up your total compensation.

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There are a lot of open positions with the state of Minnesota right now

And right now, there are over 600 open positions the state of Minnesota is looking to fill. But THESE two positions are a little different: That's because they're the position of associate justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court. They're open right now because two current justices, the Honorable G. Barry Anderson and the Honorable Margaret H. Chutich, announced their plans to retire this year.

The Minnesota Supreme Court chambers are located in the state capitol building in Saint Paul.  (Canva)

According to an official release, Minnesota Gov. Walz has convened a special panel to help fill those two vacancies on the highest court in the state:

The panel is searching for fair, experienced, and civic-minded individuals to serve on the bench and offer their talents and services to Minnesota’s judicial system. The Governor is seeking applicants who reflect Minnesota’s full diversity.

The release goes on to say that the application process is now open for these two vacancies. "Individuals wishing to apply may request an application by contacting the Office of the Governor and Lt. Governor via e-mail at Judicial.Selection@state.mn.us. Application materials are due by 4:00 pm on February 26 and should be addressed to Governor Tim Walz," it said.

And check out just how much Minnesota associate Supreme Court justices earn:

The salaries for an associate justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court are pretty decent. According to Ballotpedia, Minnesota Supreme Court associate justices are set to earn $206,668 in 2024!

Here's the thing, though: Not just *anybody* can become a Supreme Court Justice in Minnesota, despite how cool that job might sound. The State of Minnesota has outlined how the process works:

You first have to be a licensed attorney (which means going to law school and then passing the bar), then you have to become a district judge-- either by winning a judicial election or by being appointed by the Governor-- and only THEN can you toss your hat in the ring for an opening on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

So those qualifications will rule MOST of us out, right? Meanwhile, if you'd rather not try for a seat on the Supreme Court, but would still like a job that pays pretty well, keep scrolling to check out the Highest Paying Jobs in Minnesota!

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