When it comes to favorite foods, we're a finicky bunch here in Minnesota, and you won't believe which common food has just been named our Most Hated Vegetable.

If you're trying to eat better, you're likely also trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. But, there are some definite strong opinions out there when it comes to which veggies we like or don't like. And here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there's one veggie we REALLY don't like.

That's the word from this new survey that just ranked Minnesota's Most-Loved and Most-Hated Vegetables. The crew over at Gurney's Seed and Nursery Company surveyed just under 5,000 of our fellow citizens across all 50 states and came up with the vegetables we, as a state, really like-- and those we just can't stand.

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When it comes to the Most Hated -- or Least-Loved -- Vegetable in Minnesota, we really don't like... mushrooms. But wait, is a mushroom really a vegetable? According to FruitsAndVeggies.com, they ARE... kind of:

'Although mushrooms are classified as vegetables, technically they are not plants but part of the kingdom called fungi,' it noted. While I LOVE some mushrooms, I'm definitely in the minority here, seeing as they're the Most-Hated Vegetable not only here in the North Star State, but in 14 other states as well.

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Gurney's Seed Company
Gurney's Seed Company

Now, the positive: According to their survey, Minnesota's Most-Loved vegetable is... the potato. Wait, what? Is a potato even considered a vegetable? According to DIY Network, it is:

'Since it is grown as a vegetable crop, taxed as a vegetable crop, and cooked and eaten like other vegetables, the potato tuber is a vegetable. Nutritionally, horticulturally, and legally,' they noted.) It's also the favorite vegetable in 23 other states and is easily the Most-Loved Vegetable in the country.

Gurney Seed Company
Gurney Seed Company

Now, speaking of favorites, while most Minnesotans wouldn't be sad to see mushrooms just go away, we ARE somewhat sad when some of our favorites brands cash it in and go bankrupt. Keep scrolling to check out some old favorites that aren't around anymore!

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