After falling into an Illinois-related rabbit hole on Reddit I came across photos that should be turned into art or, at least, a calendar. Of all the negative articles, comments, and posts about the Land Of Lincoln, these pics were a breath of fresh air.


It started with one photo I saw shared on Reddit that led to this discovery. I'm not sure if the person who posted the picture is a photographer or not. If he is I hope he's getting some sort of compensation for his skills.

He certainly has a knack for snapping some incredible photos of the sky above Illinois. His timing seems to be impeccable too. If it's by pure coincidence other photographers could only wish to be so lucky.


If you're nervous about your work device flagging the IT and HR departments for discovering porn in your browser history you might want to steer clear of the subReddit. Don't freak out, it's only the name of the sub, /skyporn.

It's nothing to be concerned about other than the name.

The First Photo You Have To See

This photo was snapped near the train hub in Rochelle, Illinois.

He shot this next picture in Sycamore, Illinois.

How about this distant photo of Byron's nuclear plant?

The user also posts photos of actual trains and not just images shot in the Northern Illinois area. If anyone knows @Murky_Firefighter502, or if that's you, I would love to learn more about this hobby, if that's indeed what it is.

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