Yesterday, we shared a story about an eight-year-old boy in Linn County being attacked by two family dogs. Based on reports, the family nor law enforcement have been able to determine what caused the dogs to attack, but the damage done to the child was fairly gruesome.

Just one day later, another story of an owner being attacked by her dogs has surfaced out of Iowa.

Only this time, the attack was fatal.

KTIV shares that the Clay County Sheriff's office received a report of what someone believed to be a motorcycle accident. The story adds that "The man that called authorities said he located a woman in a ditch but could not get close to her because there were several large dogs next to her."

Law enforcement found the woman in a ditch near the intersection of 450th Street and 200th Avenue, south of Rossie, IA. Rossie is roughly an hour and a half drive northwest of Fort Dodge, IA, with a population of 83 people, according to the 2020 census.

The woman, later identified as Mindy Kiepe of Rossie, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following an autopsy done on Kiepe, it was determined that her death was a result of multiple dog bite injuries, and there was not a motorcycle crash involved. The incident took place a short distance away from the woman's farm residence.

Authorities determined that the dog bites came from the five Great Danes she owned. The dogs have now been euthanized.

It's unclear what caused the dogs to attack Kiepe.

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