NOBODY really likes to clean the house. Some people will tell you they don’t mind it, but really liking it? It seems the percentage of people who fall into that category is really small.  

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That got me thinking of all the housework that has to be done on a regular to semi-regular basis, what’s the one task you dislike the most. I took this question to our audience, to find out what are Central Minnesota’s least favorite chores around the house? I don’t think any of the answers are surprising, here they are in no particular order. 

Washing the dishes- This task can often fall on the one who also did the cooking, which doesn’t seem exactly fair. My wife does most of the cooking at our house, and then I’ll do most of the cleanup. We do help each other out along the way, I guess that’s one of the reasons we’ve been married 26 years. 

Mopping- This one really hits home, especially if you have trouble with your back.  This is also one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of snow and bad weather, because of the mess it creates around the house, and even the workplace. This is 2023, you’d think there would be an easier way of doing this chore that isn’t outrageously expensive. 

Dusting- This one sometimes seems to be counterproductive, as you clean it up and then a few minutes later you go back to that area, and it needs it again. And maybe a few minutes later is a stretch of how quickly things get dusty again, but then again, maybe not.  

Laundry- This one isn’t as taxing for most people as it is for some others, the irritating part is having to look around the house for the clothes that need to be washed.  

Folding the Laundry did get some love in my informal survey. Dragging the load out of the dryer, then having to fold each piece, and then put it away. It’s not the difficulty of the task but the level at which you must handle the clothes once they’re clean. Folding socks did get a specific vote for a couple of reasons; socks tend to hide in other articles that they were in the dryer with, so then you must find the sock that is hiding or one of the socks just disappears altogether. Where do those spare socks really go anyway?  

Cleaning the Shower or Bathtub- This one got a lot of attention. And the reasoning from each one was like the others. Cleaning the shower/tub isn’t easy because of the position you must put yourself in to get it clean, and there tends to be things to work around which can make the already compromised position you’re in that much harder. If you are as uncoordinated as I am, you’re normally dropping the shampoo bottles etc., which also sometimes creates more mess.  

If your least favorite chore didn’t make the list, it’s probably not because it didn’t get votes, I am just out of time which this project because I’ve got more cleaning to attend to.  Feel free to add your most hated to the list, and then maybe we can start a support group for our most dreaded tasks around the house. 

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