We have an awesome new employee in the building. Her name is Val and she's not from the south or anything, but...she thought this was a typical Minnesota Winter Day. Heh heh...Tracy set her straight.

In the video, I mention the time it got down to -30 for two weeks. I don't remember what year it happened...but getting gas at Super America I remember clearly thinking,


"Huh... this 30 below isn't so bad." Then it stretched for more and more days. And, getting gas, this time at Kwik Trip, I thought, "OK... what the heck was I thinking? This is cussin' cold!"

I might have been Lord of the Night when it got that cold. Now that I think of it, I remember getting an intern to join me outside to blow bubbles in -30. They're beautiful, they float for a second, then ((foof)) they freeze and deflate, slowly. So cool to see.

Anyway, what cold weather tips do you have for Miss "I Brought This See Thru Thermal To Keep Me Warm"? Hot water bottles, layers, what?