The Honker's Home Opener was last night, and the crowds came, the Honker's won, and I was run over by a bus! True story, watch the video, you'll see!

When it was all said and done, the Honker's won the game, but it didn't start out that way. According to their website,

The Honkers defeated the Mankato MoonDogs in the opening night game. Rochester overcame an initial 0-7 deficit to take a 13-12 win. The Honkers have won two of their last three openers.


But for me, the action was before the game. I was minding my own business, thinking nothing of it, maybe a little worried about reports of the Stephen King like bus I'd been hearing rumors about.

They say it came after unsuspecting radio guys. Could it be true, I wondered?

Suddenly, I got a tap on the shoulder. OH NO! This was it...I was about to be Christine Buss's latest victim. I slowly turned and, phew! it was Dan Litsinger!

Later, tho, I wouldn't be so lucky. And as usual, there were no witnesses!

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