I've been blessed with decent skin, so I really shouldn't complain about zits...but when one appears, I do my best to hide it.  Like today...

This morning, I'm standing in front of the mirror thinking, "I can't shave." Why? Because...acne. Like I said, I've been super blessed with decent skin, but if I shave in the area of the zit, it will become so much more than it would if I just left it alone. So...alone I leave it.

But at work, I look around. Surely there's a way to disguise this blemish! I scan the room...the Neveln Knights t-shirt? Nope...means too much to me to be used as a prop. The Seal framed "Gold Cassette"? Too big. And yes, instead of a gold record, they spray painted a cassette gold. Kidney Dangerfield offers his cute li'l tie (actually a pet tie, but he doesn't know that). It'd work, but then he'd be naked and he's too shy an organ for that.

Suddenly, inspiration hits...the studio becomes my workshop. I. Am. Saved!

Obviously, this is me being silly. If anyone actually judges you for having acne, feel free to tell 'em to mind the spaghetti on their own plate before they comment on your plate.

You are perfect, right out of the box.

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