Anyone that's recorded a TV promo with me knows he is Mr Multi-Take Man! So, he tried to convince the producer to make a few changes to the script...without much luck.

I'm the MC for the Med-City Crab Crack (a fundraiser for the residents of the Madonna Living Community). It's not 'til October (scroll down for details), but the FOX/KTTC production department doesn't wait 'til the last minute on anything, so yesterday we all went up to the top of Madonna Towers and recorded the video.


It's beautiful up there, but, as I mentioned, I am NOT good at this kinda stuff. I'm fine on camera, I'll do whatever I'm told, but I have  the short term memory of a Toppers Pizza Napkin.

The whole thing is about 29 seconds. Everyone else was flawless, but I kept saying, "LINE?!?" Not goofing around, just...well, I'm in radio. Our notes are right in front of us. It's harrrrd to memorize stuff. ((frowny face))

So, to make it easier, i think we should change every script to just one word. That's all I say, and they put in subtitles. Or at least that's what I said we should do. Watch the video to see what actually happened.


The Med-City Crab  Crack s coming up October 13th at Somerby Golf Club in Byron. It's a REALLY good time...

Crab Crack dinner, jazz entertainment, live auction (includes Jimmy Fallon tickets to see Jimmy Fallon live in NY, Timberwolves VIP pkg, Somerby Golf for 4, carts, lunch pkg & many more), raffle (includes diamond jewelry, $500 cash, & many more items), crowning of the Royal Crab (Royalty are community leaders).

All proceeds go towards the renovation/upgrade of Madonna Towers 12th floor Rochester Room with panoramic views of Rochester. The Rochester Room is used by residents and their families for special occasion group gatherings, 4th of July Fireworks watching, birthday or anniversary celebrations.

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