I had such a great time yesterday at Lincoln K-8 Choice School. The fourth grade teachers invited me to present my creative writing workshop, and they ended up writing radio commercials that'll make you bust a gut!What I really teach is a brainstorming method that unlocks stuck brains. So, we run thru the process, learn how to look at something from every angle, and then, to practice the process, we write a radio commercial.

A :30 radio commercial is about eight sentences, but holy moly do they have fun with those eight sentences. Scroll past the pictures if you'd like to read the commercials.

Here's what four of the students wrote. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but I may have mixed up a few of their words. Forgive my poor translation skills.

Beth Napton’s Class – We had to sell books.

Malak Assoula: Hey you, come down to Snozzel’s Book Store! We have lots of books! Books about Texas, dogs, graphic novels and John Cena! People from around, like James Rabe from Y-105 come to this book store! There’s only two rules at this book store. Use your imagination…and be as loud as you CAN! This message from Piggy the Dog…have fun reading! It’s in Texas Country, a faraway place on planet fluffy butt. There are 50 foot ducks here!

Anne Marie: Hey, meet me at the food court in five minutes! Meet you there. I’m going to tell you where you can read a book…you can read a book at Dairy Queen, in a field in the middle of nowhere, on the toilet…yep, you can read anywhere. Come find some books at book stores so you can read while you are talking to a pencil.

Mickey Laughland’s Class – They had to sell FISH

John Attlesey: Weee! Hi, I’m a fish and I’m skydiving! And I just want to say go to Fish Fish to get my friends to have fun! Baby Fish with ….whoooa! Here comes the water! I’m coming in like a wrecking ball! ((SPLASH)) Now, remember kids, go to Fish Fish and bye some of my friends. I bet they can sky dive like me at Wal Mart!

Aden Wildfeuer: “Hey you, yeah you…get me out of here! I don’t want to become a FISHICORN!” You can make your fish a unicorn … its magical! Buy the ZAP! It’s a Fishicorn at the Big Hand in the Sky, just 17.99 + shipping and handling.