There are a LOT of Irish Drinking Songs. Most of 'em are too inapropro to play or sing on the radio. This one is a little naughty, but I took a chance. No one's complained yet, but I'm ready for it. What do you think? Too edgy? 

There's another song that I think of every St. Patrick's Day. It's by the Irish Rovers and it  tells us why we don't see unicorns anymore (unless you're a fan of My Little Pony, like I am).

I first heard this song when I was six or seven years old. My father was a PR man for Lake Superior State University and started the Unicorn Hunters, a group that promoted LSSU by doing all sorts of silly things, like snowman burning, World Sauntering Day, and even a Lizzie Bordon Appreciation Day.

Anyway...because of the Unicorn Hunters, he was always getting unicorn stuff from friends, relatives, and people we didn't even know. So, as a kid, I was sure the Irish Rovers wrote this song for my pop.