It was 37 years ago this month John Lennon was shot and killed. And it was 53years ago he foreshadowed his own death. Thanks to my dad, you can hear it.

My dad was a public relations guy at the University of Detroit, and, back in 1964, he was there when the Beatles invaded. In fact, he was the guy that set up the press conference, was at the table with the Beatles...and he recorded the whole thing.

We all have a copy of that recording. It is amazing to listen to...both because it's the Beatles, and because it's four young guys still in shock over their fame.

I remember my dad being surprised by a question about their musical influences. The press asked the question, the Beatles mentioned Motown, and then had had to explain what Motown was! Keep in mind, they were IN Detroit, the home of Motown (all said in the words popular at the time).

And then, John Lennon answered a question about the band's history. It's probably a question most bands get asked a bunch. It didn't mean anything...until December 8th, 1980 when Mark David Chapman shot him outside his home in The Dakota apartment building, in New York.


VIDEO AUDIO CREDIT: The W.T. Rabe Collection


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