Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Chocolate slices. Like cheese slices, but chocolate! Where can you gettem? Are they any good?

According to a bunch of videos I just watched, yes...the chocolate is good!  What is it? Mental Floss says,

Each two-millimeter thick square is made from Japanese “nama chocolate,” which is described as tasting richer than milk chocolate but not as sweet as fudge.

Where could you use it? Well, how 'bout on a grilled cheese?  Wrapped around a strawberry? How 'bout right out of the plastic wrap like you've done a million times with cheese slices? So many possibilities.

If you wanna buy 'em, here's the link.  But be warned, if you don't want to buy bulk, you'll have to fly to Japan.

And just for fun, a bunch of unusual Japanese food inventions. Careful, tho, it's Buzzfeed, so there's some swears.