So many moments to celebrate right now!  Meet the teacher, tryouts for sports, finishing up all of those back-to-school shopping lists ... all of that right there deserves a medal for any mom. Actually, keeping track of all the schedules right now with all of the back-to-school things, all moms should get an automatic Ph.D. for that accomplishment and a big dish of ice cream! I see you nodding a big 'ol "yes!".

In my house, we just added high school soccer to the schedule and I'll be honest, I am a newbie at this so we are learning as we go. Practice and game schedules, washing the uniform, I can do all that. The hard part is not knowing, as a mom, what to say to my kid when the nerves show up as we are driving to that first game.

No matter what happens on the field, win or lose, or how those first days of school go, we have a lot to celebrate with our kids. We are seeing courage as our teens are stepping on a field for the first time in uniform. Brave Kindergarteners are taking a big reach with their foot as they climb on that first step of a bus. Ok, us moms are brave too and might be sporting a tear or two in that moment.

Need a birthday cake? Cold Stone Creamery in Rochester has cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and even cupcakes! - TSM Rochester
Need a birthday cake? Cold Stone Creamery in Rochester has cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and even cupcakes! - TSM Rochester

Make your next celebration a special one at Cold Stone Creamery in Rochester! They’ve got three locations and they make their ice cream right there at the store. Let your kids pick out their favorite flavor and they can watch as their favorite items are folded in on the granite stone. And the ice cream, when it is handed to you in a waffle cone or dish, it’s perfect for any celebration ... and tastes delicious!

Right now, you can actually earn rewards just for eating ice cream, Cold Stone Club Rewards. Go visit Cold Stone Creamery in Rochester, grab a special treat, and sign up to start earning rewards while you are there. Earn 1 point per dollar and a $5 reward at 50 points ... and if you join today at, you will get a buy one, get one free Creation!

What moments are you celebrating right now?  I’d love to hear about them! Send me a message on my Facebook page or Instagram and I’ll see if I can help that celebration continue by sharing the moment on the radio!  

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