Jessica Simpson fans are concerned for the pop star after she posted a Flonase ad where she appeared to "slur her words" and "fidgety."

On Tuesday (April 19), the 41-year-old fashion brand owner shared an ad on her Instagram Stories for the allergy nasal spray.

“Hey, guys, climate change is impossible to ignore, especially for my friends in LA — we know,” she began, while standing outside and appearing to read cue cards with her eyes darting back and forth.

She continued, “So many of us were affected by the wildfires a few years back, and now rising temperatures are always in the back of our minds."

Fans grew concerned after she began to slur her words and fidgeted while speaking about the allergy seasons and how pollen and allergens are "invisible monsters."

She then gave a shoutout to Children's Flonase, as she is a mother of three — 9-year-old Maxwell, 8-year-old Ace and 3-year-old Birdie.

Instagram users were divided while most were concerned and confused about her seemingly odd behavior and slurring of her words while others expressed embarrassment for her.

“Hope you are ok, you seem to be on something, definitely odd behavior,” one user wrote in the comments section. Another added, “Slurring your words in other videos also, voice sounds different.”


Meanwhile, some fans of Simpson came to her defense. “Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to comment negative and hurtful things on celebrities’ posts."

In her 2020 memoir, "Open Book," Simpson revealed that she previously had an addiction to alcohol and pills. She recently celebrated four years of sobriety in November 2021.


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