Jimmy Fallon wants to stop by your house while he's in Minnesota and, like all of your other friends, he's going to be hungry. The Tonight Show tweeted "Jimmy is coming to Minnesota for the Super Bowl and wants to try a home-cooked meal! If you want to host Jimmy, send an e-mail to JimmyVisitsMinnesota@tonightshow.com with a special recipe you'd like him to try and why he should visit your home!"

Your friends probably won't believe you when you tell them that Jimmy is coming for dinner but don't worry because he's going to broadcast the whole thing live on Facebook.

Fallon said he's excited to visit Minnesota and is aware of one our most famous foods - the Juicy Lucy. Jimmy explained what it was to his producer during an interview with the the Star Tribune, "“It is a hamburger with a chunk of cheese on the inside, or something, that melts on the inside so when you bite into the cheeseburger you get scalded by hot cheese.”

That's pretty accurate.

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