In a sport known for it's honor and decorum, how one conducts themselves on the course is almost as important as how they play the game. Professional golfer John Daly lost three balls in the water and then decided he should lose one of his clubs too. During the 2015 PGA Championship, Daly tossed his club into Lake Michigan today after hitting three shots into the water on the par-3 seventh hole at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin.

I've been playing golf for as long as I can remember and I'm more likely to toss a few cuss words around rather than golf clubs. Throwing your club a few yards in front of you is one thing because it's easy to walk over and pick it up. But tossing a golf club into the water is a whole different story. You're probably not getting it back.

As it turns out, a father and his child went out on a boat and retrieved Daly's club from the lake. It's not known if they gave it back to Daly or kept it as a souvenir. One thing Daly will probably not keep as a souvenir is his scorecard from the day's round. He ended up with a 10 on that par-3 and finished with an 18-hole total of 81. He also finished with one club fewer in his bag than when he began the day. (Hey, at least he still has his awesome colorful pants).