Wilson Phillips provide some excellent advice in this song. "Just Hold On... For One More Day... "

Researchers say January 6th is Blue Monday, a.k.a. the most depressing day of the year.

Lets examine the facts:

  • It's Cold.
  • The holidays are over & it's back to work.
  • Holiday debt.
  • It's Cold.
  • Several cars didn't start.
  • Did I mention it's cold?
A company from the United Kingdom, called 'Upbeat Drinks' surveyed more than 2 million tweets over the past three years to determine this conclusion.  Their reasoning?
  1. It's the first day back from holiday vacation for many.
  2. The most negative tweets are seen on this day.  More than any other day of the year.

Back in 2005, a travel company commissioned a similar study with a psychologist, and based their conclusion of Blue Monday on weather conditions, failed New Years resolutions, (yes, already), and the time passed since Christmas.

'Blue Monday' is one of my favorite songs from New Order.   I remember listening to this years ago and just getting it.  Of course seeing this depressing day called that, it reminded me of the song.  I never thought of the song as depressing before.   I guess that is what is so fun about songs and music, its like reading the book instead of seeing the movie.   You can put your memories, thoughts and stories into what you are hearing.  You interpret it how you do.   It's art.   I just love music for that reason.   It's in the eye of the beholder.  Yes the songs lyrics do talk about a sort of depressing event.   I just always loved the song, and listening to it made me feel happy, not depressed.

So, back to this day, researchers say is, 'Blue Monday', January 6th.  Which is ALMOST yesterday as I post this.

They say many people hate Mondays, just naturally. The data from that study in 2005 determined the third Monday of the month to be the most depressing.

I love Monday's!   Does that make me odd?

They also say that more couples consider divorce after the holidays. A do-it-yourself divorce service, http://www.divorcedepot.co.uk/  says that the first monday of the new year is the most popular day for them.


One thing is certain.   Wilson Phillips has it right.   Hang on.  Tomorrow will be here soon!   I have found in life, sometimes when you have a bad day, the best thing to do is to simply just wait for the next one.   What goes down must come up, right?   Even if you did have a horrible day, and I hope you did not, It is almost over.  Look on the bright side, because even just being positive about it helps, I believe.   Besides, there is only a couple of minutes left of this so-called, 'Blue Monday.'