Sometimes I think the Star Tribune just miiiight be reaching for an angle on a story. Like this one, which makes us look like dough-heads.

A Tim Hortons is opening at the Mall of America. And, apparently, we're so simple we're confused by this.

Tim Hortons explained: Minnesotans perplexed by new Canadian bakery at Mall of America

OK, two things. Just two.

a) Tim Hortons Explained.

Do we need Tim Hortons explained? I'm serious. Beyond, "It's kinda like Dunkin' Donuts", what will any of us gain by explanation that we wouldn't better learn by walking in and spending 10 seconds there?

ii) Minnesotans Perplexed by New Canadian Bakery

(heavy MN accent) Oh, fer d'love of cry-eye! (Back to normal James voice) We're perplexed? Who did they talk to? Mr and Mrs Perplex from Confused by Pens, MN, population them? My brother Karl said it best...

Karl Rabe Thanks for sharing. I've always been baffled as to what a Tim Horton was. Maybe they could do an in depth on that Star Buck guy.

Is Tim Hortons good? That's not something I'm willing to wade into...but Buzzfeed did (CAUTION: Some language is naughty)!