A new survey asked how important an internet connection. The answer shouldn't be that surprising.

Dave with the kids; Justin, Ethan and Bella

A new survey by the Huffington Post asked people under 25 how important some things are to the quality of their life.

It's not surprising that Freedom of Speech was the number one response. 69% of those asked said an Internet Connection was important to their quality of life. An internet connection was three times more important than Phone Service and more important than Daylight.

I'm not shocked or surprised by this. There are a lot more things available online.

Justin and Ethan playing football

My boys, Justin and Ethan do not really depend on sunlight or warm weather to play outside. They'll bundle up when it's fifty below and go outside an shoot hoops. Then they'll comeback in and binge watch something on Netflix or play video games.

I don't know that I agree that the answers are unique to people under twenty-five. I think we've shifted things around and moved things.

I think it is funny that an internet connection seems more important than things like daylight, Hot Water, and a Healthy Diet. Only 17% of those under 25 said that the ability to drive is important. Not if you ask my kids! They can't wait to learn how to drive! 11% said a good night's sleep was important to the quality of their lives. That sounds believable. Sleep is pretty much wasted on younger people. I know for me, sleep didn't become important until I hit 26. I kid.

This survey did find that those under 25 did use the internet 78 times a day. There you go. We're all using the internet more than we used to. There's more available online than social media.

I do think it is surprising that an internet connection came in more important than hot water, though...


But then I remembered that my kids love to play on the tram-pool-ine...