Can you be bought?  Well, it's not like they asked some crazy things.  Well maybe they did.  1,000 people were asked how much it would take to do some things and this is what they said. 

It was a survey from eBay.   The questions were:  How much would it cost to get you to give up:

1.  Facebook for a year  $ 1,000

2.  Netflix for a year $ 10,000

3. Your smartphone for a year $ 32,500

4. Caffeine for a year $ 55,000

5. Shaving for a year $ 100,000

6. Music for a year $ 550,000

7. Hot showers for a year $ 1 Million

8. Speaking.  To NOT speak $ 10 Million

After that point, it was not what you would give up, but what you would do:

9.  Go running with the bulls $ 5.5 Million

10. Live with 50 cats for a year $ 5.5 Million

11. Shave your entire body  $ 5.5 Million

12. Eat a donut off the floor of a subway train $ 10 Million

13. Fight an MMA pro for 2 minutes $ 55 Million

14. Eat a cockroach $ 100 Million

15. Live with 200 spiders for 3 weeks $ 100 Million

16. Skydive from space ... No Amount Of Money

17. Swim with sharks without a cage... No Amount Of Money

18. Do pull-ups hanging 20 stories in the air ... No Amount Of Money

19.  Travel to mars... No Amount Of Money

20.  Chug an entire bottle of Sriracha in 2 minutes ... $ 100 Million

I must live under a rock because I have no idea what a Sriracha even is.  I think it is interesting that there are some things that people surveyed said they would not do for any amount of money.  I would have to give that answer for more than a few things on this list myself!  I also think it would depend upon what the penalty would be if you were to violate the arrangement.