Yes, Justin BIeber and Hailey Baldwin secretly tied the knot at a New York City courthouse in September, so yes, they are technically already married, but that doesn't mean the couple doesn't want to plan a proper wedding.

Both evangelical christians, TMZ reported in October that the pop star and model plan to have a church wedding because they won't truly feel "official" until they say their vows under the eyes of God.

The young lovebirds were hoping to celebrate their union this month, but a source told E! News that's no longer the case.

"They have a wedding planner and were hoping to make a January date work. They can't wait to celebrate with family and friends and have a big party. But, January is here and they are still working out details and planning," the source explained.

The two "aren't going to rush it and want to make sure that its everything they want it to be," the source added. "They've tossed around different ideas for where to do it and they are still going back and forth. They've met with their pastor numerous times to discuss the religious ceremony and figure out exactly what they want."

But fear not, fans, Biebs and Baldwin are still very much happy and in love. The delay is just a matter of timing.

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