So much insanity spews forth from the crack in Kanye West's face that it couldn't have been hard for to come up with a list of the 40 Most Brain-Bendingly Arrogant Kanye West Quotes.  Here's some, maybe lowlights:

1.  "For me, you know, I'm a creative genius, and there's no other way to word it.  I know you're not supposed to say that about yourself."

2.  "Nobody can tell me where I can and can't go.  Man, I'm the number one living and breathing rock star.  I am Axl Rose;  I am Jim Morrison;  I am Jimi Hendrix."

3.  "I am the number one human being in music.  That means any person that's living or breathing is number two."

4.  "If I were to write my title like going through the airport and you have to put down what you do?  I would literally write 'creative genius' except for two reasons:  Sometimes it takes too long to write that and sometimes I spell the word 'genius' wrong.  The irony."

5.  "If I was just a fan of music, I would think that I was the number one artist in the world."

6.  "If I don't win, the award show loses credibility."

7.  "I'm like a vessel, and God has chosen me to be the voice and the connector."

8.  "My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live."

9.  "I'm going down as a legend, whether or not you like me or not.  I am the new Jim Morrison.  I am the new

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. . . The Bible had 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it.  You don't think that I would be one of the characters of today's modern Bible?"

10.  "Put this in the magazine:  There's nothing more to be said about music.  I'm the  end-all, be-all of music."

11.  "For me to say I wasn't a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself."