Fantastic!  20 different kinds of music, 1 song, 1 guy, doin' it all.  This guy puts his own unique spin on a Katy Perry song and I just love it!  From Michael Jackson, to Pavarotti, to Frank Sinatra, 'N Sync, and even John Mayer, he really does a bang up job of imitating all of these artists in a short amount of time.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Well I'd say thats pretty darn incredible.  As a person who really does not do any special voices or characters of my own, and there are many in the radio biz who do, I am blown away by this!  To think I am just plain ol' me, nothing special, not even able to be a different character, but for this guy to be able to sing and be different singers?  Awesome!  If I were to push play, close my eyes and just listen, not look at him, I'd have no idea it's even the same guy.

Here is Katy's version: