You've exceeded your I Spy limit for the day, straw wrapper worms and roses litter the table, one more game of Sugar and Knives tic-tac-toe will be the end of life as we know it, and the conversation just ain't gonna happen.

You could grab the phone for them to play games, but you're trying NOT to rely on the phone. "I was bored when I was a kid, they can be bored, it won't kill them!" But pretty soon you're thinking of excuses for backsliding.

Forget that noise. All you need is a cold glass of water, a pen, and a placemat for hours of fun. OK, minutes of fun.

Challenge your child to decoupage the glass!  LG (not the fridge) showed me this at a restaurant. She colors up the placemat, making sure to leave plenty of space around each 'design'. Then she tore the placemat so each design is separated. Then she puts 'em on the glass, which is full of condensation, so they'll stick.

Boom. You're welcome. And of course, you can make it a competition, if you have the guts for it.  lol

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