I am sure somebody comes to mind right off the top of your head!

A survey done by Female First says that 20 % of women think their BOYFRIEND or HUSBAND is high maintence.   See, the term does not just apply to women!   Men are divas TOO!  What about you, are you?   I confess, I can be at times. I think number 2,3,8, 9, & 10 fit me... GOSH!  I have a ton of 'Diva' traits. Here are a few traits that might indicate you or someone you know could fall into the classification: 

1.  You throw a tantrum if you don't get your way.

2.  You expect a response to a text immediately.

3.  You need to hear "I love you" several times a day.

4.  You're always late.

5.  You spend a long time in the bathroom.

6.  You spend a lot of time on your looks or appearance.

7.  You won't wear anything that isn't designer.

8.  You refuse to go camping.

9.  You refuse to use public transportation.

10.  You'll only eat at nice restaurants.

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