DirectTV subscribers woke up this morning to find Rochester's NBC affiliate, KTTC, was no longer available. Here are just a few of the viewer comments posted on KTTC's Facebook page this morning.

Kris Trebesch Buri

"Unable to get KTTC anymore because they have removed themselves from Direct TV? I will be sorry to see you go ... you have been a part of our mornings for a long time."

Ryan Holler

"Woke up this morning and tried turning the news on and this is what i see. .... what's up? Channel 47 is the same thing."

Shannon Frost Scharf

"All Direct tv customers lost connection with KTTC and FOX 47 as well as CW overnight. We hope you will be back in the air add-in very soon!!!" explains, "When contract disputes arise over station owners’ unnecessary increases in what you should pay for these free over-the-air stations, DIRECTV will never remove them from your lineup. Period. Station owners may try to avoid their responsibilities to you, but make no mistake: the station owners are the only ones who can decide to take away your local stations."

A representative from KTTC says, "We are working with DirecTV to restore KTTC programming. Thank you for your patience." The station also shared this message on their facebook page today, "DirecTV removed KTTC from their lineup last evening as the result of an extension in our carriage negotiation with them expiring at midnight. KTTC is working diligently to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We hope to reach agreement with DirecTV quickly. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding."