This is a pretty incredible story.   A woman named Renee passed away from cancer the week before Mother's Day. She had 3 children who were 16, 18, and 25.

They did not even have enough money to pay for a funeral and were just devastated.  They decided to write their mom letters and send them to heaven.  They attached notes to balloons and sent them off.  A 55 year old woman named Yvette found one of the balloons on her front lawn the very next day 35 miles away.   She decided she was going to help these kids and took the letters to work with her.  One of the letters mentioned the funeral costs.  She managed to bring home $ 2,000 with the help of her coworkers.  Next, she created a page on and since that time, she's raised over 20 thousand dollars.

You can view a news story from ABC News by clicking here. 

Renee's oldest daughter told the local news she didn't think the letters would actually reach her mom, but now she knows her mom must have MADE them fall in Yvette's front yard.