I was at a wedding when I learned this trick. It is absolutely a life-saver, a mess-saver, and fun, too!

Everyone seems to eat the cupcake like I used to. You just peel the paper off a bit, and dig in. Gets all over your nose, cheeks, hands, the whole nine yards. And why? Why do we put ourselves thru this agony when we don't have to!

This hack saves you mess and time! You won't need run to the restroom, kitchen, or garden hose to get the sugar off your hands and face. If you're in the car, even 3rd graders and up can do this without making a mess! A few wipes, maybe, but two kids could share a wipe!

I mean, if the planets aligned properly that day.



Do you know this woman? She's been accused of being a porch package pirate here in Rochester. Click HERE (or the picture) to see the whole story.

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