Every morning at 6:05 and 9:20, you'll hear Good News, a guaranteed moment of good in your day. Today we'll meet the Million Dollar Teacher and the Toughest Pizza Delivery Guy in America! 

That's a picture of the Toughest Pizza Delivery Guy in America. I know a bunch of pizza delivery people, and they're all tough. You have to be when you see so many strangers (and so many cheap tippers, amiright?). Well, this guy went above and beyond.

On Sunday, Josh Lewis delivered pizzas to a Louisville, KY hospital and, on his way in from the parking lot, he was stabbed! But that didn't stop him. Josh still delivered the pizza. Bleeding and weak, he carried the pizzas into the hospital, handed them off and collapsed! Word is he'll be okay.

Any mention of pizza makes me think of Jennifer Lawrence. Why? Click play... you will not be sorry.


And that? That's is Violent Laack. For almost fifty years, she taught in Chilton, WI (about half an hour from Green Bay. Go, Pack, Go!). Last year, at age 97, she passed away, and this year? Everyone found out that she'd left more than a million dollars to her school district (for a scholarship fund). Did she scrimp and save to get that kinda folding-green? Nope. In 1987, she and her husband sold a cheese factory! Is there anything more Wisconsin?