A part of the community a very long time, Victoria's Natalie Victoria wrote an open letter and posted it on her Facebook page. It's to Rochester, but really, I think it's for Governor Walz. She makes a very strong argument.

Dear Rochester,

The restaurant industry cannot take a "patio only" open June 1st. It is a death sentence. PPP lasts eight weeks. For many, that runs out June 5th. An occupancy of 5-10% and carry out is not profitable for most. Life savings down the drain - When it does not have to be this way.

I have been in this great community for close to 23 years. As a family, we knew Rochester was something special from Day 1. We cultivated our place here and made many friends. But I have to speak for my comrades in this Industry.

Restaurants have always been a cleanly environment. Our staff have taken the Serv Safe course so many times they could teach it. We use gloves. We NEVER touch food with our hands. We disinfect by the minute. We will wear a mask. WE ABSOLUTELY CAN OPERATE SAFELY> We have proven this.

The Olmsted Country Health Department is unlike any other. They are always on the cutting edge of development. Taking the lead from the great Mayo Clinic and using collaboration as their method to working with restaurants. Never making us feel as we are the enemy. Helping everyone operate to the highest standard possible, and holding them to it.

They do their job well. SO CAN WE!

We feel as though we are the enemy now. March 17th we were ordered to close. We understood this was for the greater good of our nation.

This cannot continue. If anyone thinks one can operate a restaurant on 50ppl, weather permitting, and survive, thin again. The statement made by our President stating..."Restaurants will survive, but it may not be the same owner" is now reality. #horrifying

As a proud member of downtown Rochester, I see daily the patients of Mayo, and guests of the hotels. No where to go. No where to sit and eat. No where to just sit. They " ZOOM on the subway floors. They walk aimlessly around - Beyond frustrating when you know you have a " safe" place for them.

Rochester, we are better than this. We always have been.


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